Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November, ALrEaDy!


Cannot believe it. Been so busy these past weeks you would think I was covering the schedules of two people!

Most consuming has been the yard cleanup. Been at it for a few days. So thrilled to have the extra warm weather this time of year to get more done than usual and been taking as much advantage as I can. Things look good with the old annuals pulled. However, as I was working I looked up and noticed all kinds of leaves and needles overhead that had not yet fallen.... well, until the last few days. Been so windy the yard hardly looks like I've raked it!!!!
"Just keep raking, just keep raking" Have to admit, it's great exercise, although I'd rather tennis.

That photo was taken early, EARLY this morning. Lately, I haven't been able to sleep late and this was the view awaiting me today! Looks like the trees are ablaze.

Saw this great Thanksgiving advice online and thought I'd share with my blog-buds, too!

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