Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Again

It was a Great time in Newport. Went out for awesome dinners; Barking Crab and Clarke Cooke House, and we saw all kinds of impressive things.

Unfortunately, the temperature was a bit chilly so we were not too motivated to walk along the Cliff Walk but we did visit several mansions.

Took a lot of pictures and these are a few of the besties including one picture of my favorite mansion, The Breakers, although the Marble House was beautiful and the Tea House behind it was fun.

I still love bears and this was the best topiary of all!!!

Those girls are my ladies! Promised them I wouldn't put any more pics of them.

This is a beautiful shot. Although most of the gardens were not yet completely prepared for the spread of annuals, this part of the gardens was in full bloom.

Breath taking view of the water from behind the Topiary House. Could smell the salt all the way to the house. If you look carefully along the shore's edge, you can see a tiny speck - That's Laura. Certainly gives an idea of the distance.

Traveling around brought back so many memories and it was fun to go. I definitely would do another mini-vacation in Newport. I wish we were still there.

Thanks for dropping by and reading about our little vacation!