Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Love Balloons!

Spring and fall (and one time, several winters ago) are the times to see balloons floating overhead. Usually in the early morning, when the air is nice and crisp. Today's morning temps certainly were.

Isn't this balloon beautiful?

Balloons used to land in the field behind my childhood home, all the time. We'd have front row seats, sitting at our kitchen table!

My Top Topiaries!

Hi there!

Just gave the topiaries their trim for the year. Can't believe I shaped these almost 9 years ago!!! It's always a nice day, sitting and trimming these trees. There was so much growth this year, I got a huge blister on my finger, just after cutting only 2 trees. Have two more to go... I use scissors. So you think I should get a more appropriate tool?