Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th!

Was terrific in Amherst!

Of all the towns having a parade on the 4th of July, Governor Jeanne Shaheen, Senator Kelly Ayotte, and election hopeful for senator Scott Brown were just a few that risked the rain to come and march in our parade! (Should I also mention that our only TV news crew came, too? Where else for a good political pic?). We usually have more politicians from the national level but I think the rain threat kept others away.

Rained for just a couple minutes and then stopped just long enough for the end of the parade and for the short walk home. Then the skies opened up for the rest of the day and night!

July 3rd is usually our town's fireworks' night but because of the bad weather, the show was postponed to Saturday night (an also very fun but COLD night - first time I can remember being cold for fireworks!)

Our parade has been an annual event for 45 years. Only in 1978 and 1992 was the parade greatly effected by weather. Otherwise, it's been a dry and hot day in Amherst!

The rain mentioned was a weather pattern unrelated to the hurricane that hit during the holiday weekend but said hurricane pushed and effected our weather so much and made it exciting and so dramatic; something we don't usually see this time of year.
A very memorable 4th.

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