Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking

Wow, it only took me creating a couple scrapbook pages by hand to realize I prefer to do it digitally! Colors are not as vibrant and as neon, in real life...

With a solid knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator I can create these scrapbook pages better on the computer than by hand and I love the features such as 'masking' when inserting the photos. It's so much easier this way! And I created all my own clipart and titles, right on the computer. Too cool to to think "I need...." and bam, I have it ready to go.

Here's a template I created for miniature golfing> Waiting for the photos and this page's done. (FYI: those are supposed to be golf balls, in the title. May look a tick better in person.)

And a template I created for my daughters' vacation page... just waiting for the return of my girls and their photos.

This is a finished page and is inserted in the book before the one seen just above. It is about our vacation while the girls are gone...
Regular work week for us, with some good lunches out and one celebratory dinner. Hubby got a new client and another long-term contract. So psyched for him.

If you would like some help designing these pages, please feel free to contact me for suggestions! Contact info is on my Bio page.

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