Saturday, June 25, 2011

Note Cards...

Hello again!
Here are all the note cards I'm studying for the Medical Assisting degree for which I am aiming! Classes don't start until this coming fall, but I am studying now to get a head start.

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Last Day of School Was Yesterday

Well everyone.
My daughters' last day of school was yesterday (in NH, we had a lot of snow days, elongating the school year a bit).
. . . Goodbye weekdays of mine.
. . . Goodbye early night's sleep!
. . . Goodbye freedom!
. . . Hello "I'm bored" chants in stereo.

Next fall the girls AND I will all be going back to school (provided I can navigate through this admissions process). I plan on learning Medical Assisting.(The admissions process for me will be good practice for when my daughters apply to college).

Schedule will be hefty but because I already of a bachelors degree, a good portion of the courses this time around can be skipped. Still, it will be "fulltime".

To get ahead of next semester, I started studying for the Medical Terminology class (prefixes and suffixes). I know I haven't written note cards for even 1/2 the number of pref/suffixes but at least I will have a few under my belt (so far... over 460 cards). Learning the words by alphabet; OMG, there are A LOT OF Ps!!!!!!

Crossed-eyed, I have been studying the cards for a tick over 4 weeks. Have most of them studied. Once finally finished I'll go through them all again, all at once. It will be interesting to see the stats of which cards I remember and which ones I need to again write repeatedly to remember.

Wish me luck! I think I am going to need it.

Thanks for stopping by.