Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yes, YOU!

You know to whom it is I am talking. I hope you had fun with my debit card, the last couple days. Now the fun is over. The bank is onto you and regarding my money -- you are shut off. Not that it matters, you took every last dime.

Speaking of Dimes... you make me sick. I will get all my dimes, but the donations you made with my debit card to the March of Dimes will not be honored. I can't afford to honor your pledges and boy were you generous. Those poor children deserve real benefactors, not YOU!

But it was YOU that deserved the most, huh? Access AB, Wistee, PayPal, Craigslist, really took care of yourself, didn't you? In fact, you worked hard treating yourself.

I work hard for that money. Hours, I work until I can barely see straight at night. I wake up with my eyes melting out of my head, but still, somehow, with a smile and happy attitude I get through the day. Thank you YOU for making it all worth it. Thank you for treating yourself and having it so good.

Ya know YOU, most women expect a dinner or at least a drink first.

Let us just hope I never get the chance to meet YOU. Jail time isn't good enough. Hard labor is. I have A TON of home improvements projects that are not finished. Oh boy, after YOU would they be!!!!!