Sunday, August 4, 2013

So Much In So LIttle


What a busy past week! Not a boring moment for all the days.

Went to see my cousin, CT. Whatta a fun few days we had. They all really showed us a great time and their house is as beautiful as ever. It's been so long since we had a chance to drive down. The girls and I made the trip down in great time; around 3 hours. But the ride home was quite the road trip, taking 6 1/2 hrs. The fastest part about the trip was my VERY FIRST speeding ticket - can't say that anymore. I got it on Route 84! :\ Cop said he cut it down for me... (Ooops!) Sporty car, vanity plate and plate out of state. Perfect storm. So now I got it - STAY IN THE MIDDLE.

We had to come home early because Laura was swimming in States. Well, don't you know that due to some clerical error, she wasn't on the roster, for yesterday or today? They tried to find a spot for her to swim but there wasn't one. Then, suddenly last night, she developed swimmer's ear. Go figure. But she still wanted to stay ALL 7 HRS, and I still volunteered for my 2hr shift as one of the "Official Timers" yesterday and as one of the runners for the officials for today's meet (which thankfully ended earlier than expected).

(Laura and her BFF. at 7:30a. It was still very chilly. Then it turned HOT)

And look what the garden gave me, this morning! My first passion flower from one of the 12 plants! Next year, maybe a few will bloom at once. Then they might pollenate and give passion fruit. How fun.

Exotic, huh?

Thanks for lookin'!