Saturday, April 21, 2012

Aaarg! This Is The Year We Stay Home

This coming week is school vacation week and go figure, after months of drought we are going to have rain most of the week. Supposed to discover our own backyard and do the New England thing!
Hello again!

Can't believe how busy I am! Big test next week, in psychology. After that, we have a quiz and then the year is over!!! How quickly it went. I can remember the first day of classes.

Have a reborn kit waiting for me and another on it's way. I miss working on the dolls. Can't believe how quickly I became hooked. Watching as their little features become emphasized with the paints. It seems like it's an easy craft but really it isn't. To apply the paint JUST RIGHT is so hard; too thin and the vinyl shows through with such shine. Apply the paint too thick and not only does it turn out chalky, the paint also rubs off. Getting the mottling just right over the veining and painting those tiny little fingernails and toes is a challenge for old eyes! But, once the doll is done and all dressed, it's all worth it.

Promise to take some pics of the head when done but here's a picture of the blank head.

Wish me luck!