Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bright And Early


Sleep was hard to come by, last night. After trying and trying I finally got up and headed outside to work in the gardens. Have had so much rain, the weeds (oops, wildflowers) have really grown. Nice doing it before the heat set in. Sitting with a cup of java, it was such a wonderful way of relaxing and starting the day.

Here are some pictures I took as I worked my way around the yard. Not the best time of the season for flowering; hottest time of the year, plants tend to take a break from doing their stressful and hard work, but I did get photos of the flowers that LOVE this weather.

FYI - Seems my monitor has blown something and the color, balance, and brightness (blah blah blah) is wicked off. I can't tell how these pics look until I can hit another monitor.... :(

This one of a few tropical hibiscus plants. This one LOVES to bloom. Only one plant other has granted flowers, so far. However, there are buds on all of the plants and soon there will be tropical hibiscus bursting all over the back stoop. (This flower's color is very hard to photograph, to begin with. Now it REALLY looks strange, for me).

I have several hardy hibiscus plants which I started from seed, in the yard, but they are not flowering yet - some were germinated this spring so they won't flower but I am eagerly awaiting the others to show (they should... I hope).

The tall structure in the back of the next photo is covered with Morning Glory. Unbelievable all that started with small seeds, several months ago. We sunk a mix of seeds and eager to see what colors are in this cluster. There are clusters all over the yard...

Right in front of the Morning Glory is another plant started from seed; a Four O'Clock plant (also planted a bunch, all over the yard's gardens). Thinkin' this one will flower by 4:00 this evening! I'll be out there with the iphone, ready and waiting.

Here's one of the tomato plants. It's HUGE! As you can tell, it tends to flop over so it needed to be supported by the large arch. (Good thing I planted it there, to start).

Also poking out around the tomato plant are some poppies and more Four O'Clocks which also are lookin' like they're about to burst at 4:00. The freshly germinated poppy seeds will definitely flower next year.

No garden's complete without some sunflowers. These are miniature ones that once they get going they keep flowering for the rest of the summer. Also grown from seeds.

I found this near the end of the driveway (nope, I didn't grow this one from seed. :D ). Ever wonder what the inside of a wasp's nest looks like?

Still really feel blue without my girls home but being out in the garden helps. Fun stuff along the way and a peaceful time putzin' around in the dirt. Good therapy. I hope you liked the photos.