Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blueberry Hat

Hello again!
Was looking for ideas for hats to keep my daughter warm during her Nature's Classroom trip, coming up soon. Found this cute pattern on Great site for knitters!!! I believe this pattern was free (not sure because I could figure it out without downloading one).

Originally, it was designed to be a baby hat, but since hats are pretty standard, I did it for an older child/adult. Incorporating the green color is the same as any other pattern. The decreases happen within the green pattern.

Yarns are from my stash box. They aren't as dark as they appear on the screen, I can't adjust colors without my img software, which I don't have reloaded on my new computer, yet. SOON! :)

Knitted on size 9 circular needles, right up to the end of the knotted cord!

Leslie Anne Pease Leslie Anne Pease

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