Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going To The Bookstore

Wouldn't you know it... Monday, my first day of college is cancelled! What a unique way to start a school year. Funny to be looking for cancellations so soon!

We went to MCC's bookstore and bought my books for my 3 classes. Did so a bit late and was relieved to learn all my books were still available.

My Executive Keyboarding (typing) class is closed so I saved money on that classes books. Fortunately I taught myself how to type well and am skipping the first 1/2 of the class. By the time the second 1/2 starts either someone will drop or another class will have started by then; there were several other people wanting the class.

Can't believe how expensive they were. GOOD THING I CAN SELL THEM BACK! I can remember when I was in college for art, all the academic students would be so jealous because the art students would not have to buy as many books. We artsy-fartsies would quickly reminded the academics that our art supplies were very expensive and we had to purchase new stuff with every new project. Those supplies couldn't be resold, so at least this time around I can recoup some of my expenses (or at least 1/2).

(why do I always look like an old lady clutching my bag?!!?)

Here's my younger daughter having fun just outside the bookstore's door.

When school starts, wish me luck!!