Thursday, August 8, 2013

As Suspected...

Hello again!

As I was showing my neighbors around the gardens, I noticed a Morning Glory peaking out, in the back! What a surprise. Not long after, I visited the front plant and confirmed the deer ARE eating my flower buds. There are some starting toward the very top and I don't think the deer can reach them.

Time to take evasive deer action! Action taken against the hibiscus bugs was very successful... (too bad I can't regrow those leaves).

And here's the first Mum of the season! This plant and several others were from a box-store, purchased several falls ago. They still faithfully bloom. This color's hard to capture; it's a gorgeous maroon color.

More Beauty in the Gardens!

Hello again!

That huge green thing is my front yard's Morning Glory. No flowers yet but the deer certainly have found it tasty. I am hoping they are not nibbling off the flower buds. You can see the Four O'clocks, in front. I also have some behind the Morning Glories which the deer also keep nibbling. I think they keep hoping they'll like the plant but never seem to do and leave the others in the front garden, alone.

I do have more growing up the back of the house. Too close for the deer to eat (never see their hoof prints back there.

Not many Hydrangea grew this year, on my bushes. Each one still shows off it's unique color which is different from the others.

These are more of my Jibiscus plants. The top one is a hardy Hibiscus. I have many different kinds of hardy, planted around the yard. Some were bought a couple years ago and are either flowering or about to flower. Same year as I bought these plants, I also germinated a few. This will be the first year I see buds on them!!!!

Amd of course I've posted these bright orange and pink tropical Hibiscus which once they started blooming, they haven't stopped. Back stoop is really pretty with them and the passion flower vine trailing up.