Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Antique Silver Barrettes

Hi everyone!
Another day of sitting yesterday. Nothing drives me crazy than just sitting, so I made more barrettes. This time, I had some help dragging down some of my stash of favorite and fun jewelry components. Pretty soon I will be digging out my old rolodex of supplies!

I made another bird barrette but this time the metal barrette is well hidden with elements I use for backgrounds. This version is arranged a little differently and looks much better.

The geometric barrette turned out cool. All pieces are antique silver but each is a slightly different silver, adding more dimension to the layers.

My favorite one is the fish. The starfish and shell accent the larger fish, well. I think the barrette's are well balanced without being symmetrically static.

Antique Silver Barrettes

Thanks for looking!