Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BUMMER! Polymer Portrait Head Cracked.

Hello again!
Well, a lesson to be learned. THE HARD WAY!

Here's a head, almost completed! Took me 2 1/2 days to make it this far. What a thing to have happen. The head was going to be part of a portrait doll, approximately 18". Now, it's on my bummer shelf and I am back to the old block of clay again.

I used a tinfoil core and I thought a far amount of clay. Since the cracking is on the top, across the forehead and around the eye and not the chin area (where the most clay was used), I think the amount I used was too thin. Also think the foil core got too hot and maintained the heat too long. Saw some ideas of using styrofoam, online and will try on next one. (Sounds like a lighter core, anyway. Thought my head was a bit heavy, once the clay was added.)

Leslie Anne Pease

Leslie Anne Pease

Weird about the picture, in real life, it's the eye on our left that is the slightly larger eye. Must be the slight angle and close distance of the camera.

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