Tuesday, February 2, 2021


Someone posted a wreath request on FB and a friend of mine saw the post and recommended me. I was asked to make a berry heart wreath for the side of a house, under a wraparound porch. Being close to Valentine's Day, all the stores were out of supplies and the only heart grapevine wreath I could find, was too small. So, I learned how to make a grapevine heart wreath, myself. After the wreath was constructed, I covered it with red berries (trying to match the sample picture, as best I could). Unfortunately, Michaels and Hobby Lobby were totally out of berries in their floral department, so I had to order online (and prayed there would be enough berry supplies online).

Because the wreath is 26" and the largest wreath I've made so far, I had to reorder berries, a couple times. The second time, I ordered TONS because after sharing this wreath with my FB peeps, I received a couple more orders!

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