Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wood Hazel

I was asked by a couple of blogger buddies I've know since my painting days, to post some pictures of Hazel. Thank you so much for your interest in our new puppy! You will see in her picture how honored she was to pose for you!

Losing Mabel was hard. She was a good dog and very sweet. Not long after her death, we couldn't take her absence any longer and searched for another beagle, When we found Hazel she was just about 7 weeks old. Now she's almost 8 months old and what a spunky little thing she is. Total opposite of Mabel, as black is to white (Mabel's main color was white and Hazel's main color is black :) ).

Hazel occasionally enjoys a good tail chasing and when she catches her tail, she'll drag herself across the room! She sleeps on her back and when it's chilly she will crawl all the way under the wood stove. Hazel actually thinks she's talking, when she greets the girls after school and knows exactly when each bus is due (unless of course she's passed out, under the stove).

We feel so lucky to have Hazel. She's smart, caring, stubborn and an instant member of the family. She;s our Hazelnut!

And here she is!


And here she is, in her favorite position. You can see she's actually smiling!!!!!

Hazel Upside Down

Ok, modesty isn't one of her qualities!!!!!

Thank you again for your interest in Hazel, ladies!