Saturday, October 5, 2013

Been A Spell - Sorry!


It's been a little while since I oosted and lots of things have been happening - some fun and some not so fun. Let's stick to the fun (I think that's a better story. Everyone has a bummer story and needn't to hear more, right? Stay positive and focus on the good)

"Well, what's the good" you ask?
A new laptop (or soon, at least) for starters. My old Mac Mini did a "not so mini meltdown". Pheuu I say because I never really liked the whole "workstation" set up and being tethered to the wall. No privacy and sometimes I like to curl up somewhere quiet with a good movie.

Taking a watercolor class Tuesday nights, at our high school. I always feared watercolor and thought I couldn't be so exact, the first time. Then I hit another painter's block which was driving me crazy. So when I saw the class offered my fingers hit "attend" before my brain could butt in. However, I am so glad I did sign up.

First week, we painted bleeding circles (better than bleeding hearts!); learning about how the colors blend, wet into wet. After the first week's class, I was so inspired I painted this:

10x8 Reference photo is another from the library of Wetcanvas - if you haven't checked WC out, you MUST. Even if you are not an artist... the work there is so wonderful and inspiring (it's not just a library of images)

Second week, A fun two week project; a tree with paisley leaves. Fun seeing all the different artist's interpretations of the directions. And this week, I am also working on a watercolor at home!

It's so incredible how much this has workshop helped with my painter's block and how it has allowed me to paint things I wouldn't have done in acrylics/oils!

Please visit this LINK if you would like to see only my art and not the other miscellaneous posts.

Thank you for visiting. Hope you came again!