Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Market Basket Might Be Fighting

But Whole Foods just opened their first New Hampshire location, in Nashua, NH!!!!

There's an in-house pub selling all local, NH craft brews! Wicked fun! (Ah, drinking and shopping leads to spontaneous munchie shopping!)

LOL! No, I didn't go to the Grand Opening... I didn't go NEAR the opening! The lines to the door were wrapped like those at Disneyland and the line of cars into the lot, were not much better! :D Not that I am surprised. With the loss of the two Market Baskets, Shaw's, even the Walmart Superstore's lines are jammed 24/7, with the loss of store options. I just wish another Whole Foods would come in, closer to Amherst. That end of Nashua is quite the trip (lights included).

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