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Friday, October 15, 2010

Bright Yellow Sample Sweater

Hello again!
Finished this sweater a couple days ago. It is another sample sweater. On this sweater, the sleeves do not repeat the body pattern (unlike the sweater I posted the other day...), instead both sleeves on this sweater are different from the other and is just a partial pattern pulled from the body's pattern.

The color is a wonderful bright yellow cotton yarn. Going to be a fun, happy color in the dead of winter! It's also very roomy so I'll be able to have layers underneath without the feeling of being stuffed. Bought and used a good part of two cones of the color.

I have been knitting for so long and make up my own patterns. The sweater design is very basic and it's pattern are stitch patterns that can be found in old sweaters such as fishermen sweaters.

Leslie Anne Pease
Leslie Anne Pease
Leslie Anne Pease

Here's the pattern and color of the sweater on which I am currently working.

Leslie Anne Pease

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