Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year Is Starting Off Great!

I forgot to say "Happy New Year" a few days ago. Guess it's been so crazy, but that's good, right?

Still knitting for the new baby. I can't wait for the box to be filled. Still want to make some little chachkies, like a reversible toy. (Can you tell it's for a special friend's granddaughter?)

Love the snow. We didn't quite get the 12" predicted but it wasn't that far off. Good thing school hadn't started back up, or that would have been a VERY short week.

Seems we are in for some more weather. This time, rain. Haven't caught the forecast for the total amount of rain, but with the temps in the 40s and the amount of snow on the ground, we could be talking about some local flooding.... But, for now it's just so beautiful.

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