Sunday, January 12, 2014



Well, some of you know that a few months ago I bought a really fun, soot grey, VW GTI which I named “Broom” (even got the New Hampshire license plates! :D)

I named my navigational system “Hilda, the Wicked Witch” because most times she flies me thru the worst possible roads and situations. But with a hard A** and a speeding ticket or two, we get home.

I figured I should knit a “Hilda” to go along with the navigation’s “voice”, keep me company. I knitted her and she rides with me everywhere. We’ve even gone just over the border to Salem, MA! She was hoppin’ with that one!

This week, she was exposed to the elements and wasn’t that happy. My window was cracked during the crappiest weather and the whole driver’s inside area was FROZEN solid from the recent storm. Oh, I was heart sick. Seems Broom and Hilda are OK and will fly another day.

Knit with acrylic yarn, size US 8 circular needles. I also put in fine ground sand in her bottom so she sits better and doesn’t slide all over (when I take those turns on two wheels! OK, I eventually find her somewhere in the car). She sits better with the sand because this one is NOT a reversible and doesn’t have the weight in the bottom, otherwise.

Thank you for looking!!!!

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