Friday, January 10, 2014

Flowers Forever - Free Knitting Patterns!


Just finished this baby beanie hat, last night while watching a teen flick; daughters are at that age. Watched the Moth Diaries. Good movie. The same actress that played Mary, in The Tudors played the main character in this movie. She did an American accent, well.

It's a basic style hat that can also be done in an adult size. Here's the pattern for a baby.

Basic Hat Pattern:
• CO 56sts on to circular needles, join round.
• K2 P2 for 5 rounds.
• Continue to knit in the round for 4" from the CO round, then begin decreasing.

Decreasing For Crown:
• *K4, K2tog* repeat to round end.
• K 1 round without decreasing
• *K3, K2tog*
• K 1 round
• *K2, K2tog*
• K 1 round
• *K1 K2tog*
• K2tog
• BO, secure invisibly.

(You can also find tons of free patterns on Ravelry!!!)

Click on the image just above for the pattern's PDF.
This pattern has not be tested by someone else... I am pretty sure it is error-free, because I wrote it as I did each step. If you like the pattern and use it for profit, all I ask is you make a donation to St Jude's Hospital or Shriner's Hospitals for Children, to help our next generation of knitters!!! -Thank you.

Lesley Stanfield is another great source for patterns and her books can be found in stores and online.

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