Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tom and Me - We've Gotten So Close!!!

In height, that is!

Thought it would be interesting to show how big Tom is, the tomato plant from the windowsill! He is almost 5ft tall!!! (Remember the picture I posted a few days ago?)

Here's a better idea of how big he actually is. I am 5'10"... He's up to my chin!

Remember the passion flower seeds from a few months ago? I was lucky and grew more than 10 plants! Most of them are planted in the backyard. I plopped this one and another one into flower pots so I can bring them inside, this fall. Hoping the ones planted in the ground survive the brutal cold weather this winter but incase they don't, I will have a couple saved inside for next year.

These pictures were taken while doing some weeding, early this morning. Already sweaty, yucky and hot.